Who is James and what experience does he have in fitness?

I have been involved in sports since I was very young and have over 20 years of experience in endurance sports, training, and racing.

Early days....

I started running when I was about eight years old with my Dad. We would regularly run a 3-mile loop which I loved.

I was also a competitive swimmer growing up, My race was the 100-meter butterfly. I took to the technique quickly and became the leading club athlete for the 100-meter race, so at 14/15, I would regularly also go to the gym and started to lift weights at the gym to build up strength for this race.

Fast forward to the University of Wales, Swansea. I was lucky enough to be in the same year as a fantastic group of triathletes. Our team, although small, was very competitive. We regularly finished in the top 5 of team competitions in the country. Here, I also got to experience training with British Swimming and Triathlon and joined in with several sessions with both teams.

Around my last year of university, I fell in love with running. More specifically, I loved how easy it was and how quickly I improved by changing simple things in my training. I also liked not having to wait for the pool to be quiet or didn’t need any fancy equipment.

Once I graduated, I had a few years still in triathlon and multi-sport. I became the National champion in the competitive 20 – 24 age group at the Aquathlon (swim/run).

Then I decided to focus on running. I ran a sub 70 mins for the half marathon at 23 years old and now have a Personal Best time of 31.13 for 10k.

I have been fortunate enough to win several races so far and am looking to compete in the longer distance marathon events as an elite shortly. I also would love to break 30mins for 10k.

I have managed athletics with a high-profile finance job. I have held positions such as head of data services, being a contact for many wealth providers in the UK.

My goal is to help others learn from my 20 years plus competing in endurance sports and being involved in the fitness space and help those who also want to learn how to manage their goals alongside working and still achieve whatever their level in sport.

Now is a better time than ever to create an additional income and earn passively.

If you have any sport experience, you will know that dedication, determination, and belief can get you as far as you want. Let me be part of that journey.

I am also available for consultancy in business development and production. I have skills in the fitness industry, finance, product development, leading teams and SEO analysis. I have a strong background in data and know how to use it in training and finance to succeed.

Send me an email at james@jamestrodgers.com, and let’s work out how we can work together.