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When we think of interval training, we may get nervous and think of hard, fast

Why James?

James is a passionate endurance sports expert who thrives on sharing training ideas and tips derived from his extensive experience as an elite runner and his years as a triathlete and swimmer. With over 20 years of racing experience, he is also a UESCA-certified running coach and a Level 1 Assistant Swimming Coach, dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities achieve their personal goals.

Praise and Testimonials

Having someone to go to who has been there and done it all themselves has shortened my learning curve drastically, it would have taken me years to learn what James has taught me in months and it shows in my running.

James' passion for running fitness is infectious, whether you're going for a world record or trying to break the 1 hour 10k mark he will be pumped for you.


James' depth of knowledge about running is soo deep that I could spend months learning from him and that would still only be the tip of the


Thanks to James' advice on both the equipment and technical front I am now the fittest I have been in 10 years and have the confidence to sustainably improve my running while staying injury free. It turns out the equipment you use makes a difference.

Giles.T - Rugby player and
former mma athlete