How to Make Money in Fitness – 12 Ideas

Updated: September 2, 2023

September 2, 2023 in Money in fitness

Are you interested in making money in the fitness industry? Do you want to make your passion and career in something you love? Perhaps making money in the fitness world is your dream. Read on as we reveal a number of ways how to make money in fitness.

The fitness industry is a great way to make an income while helping others become healthier and more active. It can be a gratifying job, and with the knowledge and resources, you can start your own business or work for another established company. In this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know.

Can you make money in the fitness industry in 2023?

The health and fitness industry is an ever-growing sector with no signs of slowing. With the global pandemic highlighting just how important physical activity is for health and wellbeing, more people than ever are now looking to get into shape or embark upon a journey towards better health. This means plenty of potential to make money in the fitness industry in 2023 and beyond.

The opportunities are vast, from personal trainers to gym owners and fitness instructors. There is also potential to make money through online platforms like streaming services, exercise apps, or even creating your e-commerce store for fitness products.

 Additionally, the growth of influencer marketing in the field means there is a lot of potential for entrepreneurs to leverage their social media platforms to monetize their audience.

12 different ways of how to make money in fitness in 2023

There are so many ways to make money in the fitness industry; Here, we look at some of the best practices, many of which can be done online too.

Sports influencer

A sports and fitness influencer is a great way to make some money in 2023 the fitness industry. You can use social media platforms such as Instagram to build a following by sharing your training and workouts and the ups and downs of building fitness or preparing for an event. Once you have started building up a following, you may be contacted by brands and look to build partnerships to start earning that income.

Online courses

If you qualify as a personal trainer or have a coaching certificate in a particular sport, you may create a fitness online course. There are some fantastic hosting platforms for online courses. The great thing about having an online course is that it is a reoccurring revenue, so you can continue making money while working on other projects. An Online Fitness Class could also be a great way to branch out into this field. 

Youtube Channel

You could set up a youtube channel as a documentary about your life as an athlete, going through the day-to-day training, recovery, and racing or preparing for a particular event. Many Youtubers find success this way as viewers can relate to their stories. You earn a commission from youtube as well as start to build partnerships with fitness brands you love and would recommend. You could even make a video on how to make money in the fitness industry itself.

Personal training

There is a lot of competition in the industry for personal training, but if you can find a niche sector, perhaps you can succeed if you focus on a particular sport or area of sport. Remember, it does not always need to be physical. It could be mental or goal-setting training. This is something that elites do exceptionally well, but others should too.

Develop Fitness Apps

A fitness app can be tricky if you have no tech skills, but there are plenty of people out there who do, they could help you with the development, and you would then design and manage the content. The great thing about having your fitness app. Once they are set up, they could provide recurring revenue. This really could end up being a huge opportunity in how to make money in fitness.

Fitness blog

There are many fitness websites and blogs out there, but if you know your stuff and have an area of expertise, it's well worth setting up; many fitness enthusiasts out there would be happy to learn from you. A personal brand can be great as you can link any other services you wish to offer and dial in on what works for you.

Sports Writer

As there are now so many publications and websites in the fitness industry, you may want to sell your fitness writing skills. You can couple this with SEO skills and image development to create excellent articles. If you spend time building a client base, you could make more money by building a team.

Fitness sales

If you are interested in sales, there are plenty of opportunities in the fitness industry, from selling workout plans from other sources or selling gym memberships. If you prefer to work in a role rather than online, there are many opportunities here; with many of us close to multiple gyms, it's worth seeing if they have some vacancies.

Digital fitness products

If you're an expert in the fitness field, you could create digital products, For example, e-books, online courses, and live-stream fitness classes and workouts that people can purchase to learn the best techniques for achieving their fitness goals. You can promote these products through your website, blog, social media, or affiliate networks. 

Sports clothing

Selling branded sports clothing is another way of how to make money in the fitness industry. You can create and sell your apparel line through online stores or physical retail outlets. You could move into this over time, as having an established network can help launch sports clothing.

Event Management

If you're good at organizing events, you can make money by running fitness-based activities such as marathons, races, and boot camps. You could also organize classes or workshops focused on health and fitness topics. This can be a really exciting way of how to make money in the fitness industry, you could even create your on event team.

Gym/fitness business

If you don't want to, it does not have to be an online fitness business; there are plenty of opportunities to become a fitness instructor and work in gyms, for example, to get first-hand experience of what people want. 

You could then combine this knowledge for some online fitness content creation for fitness videos. The opportunities to reach a wider audience will then help you.

Why should you work in the fitness industry?

The fitness industry is enormous. There are so many opportunities to get involved, as we have discussed above. There are also many ways to do this online, as the opportunity to reach a broad audience is created. The income then can be more significant from your fitness offerings.

While there are plenty of fitness trainers in the industry, you may find success if you specialize in a particular field or area you could do very well—for example, training an individual for a specific event, this is one of the most common ways of how to make money in fitness.

But remember, you don't have to work online. There are opportunities in health clubs. For example, you could become a business owner of a physical location. Hosting group classes, for example, you could combine with online by recording live classes so that others can join remotely. 

My take on working in the fitness industry

The fitness industry is very competitive but fun; there are numerous avenues to go down. People with good experience are critical in sharing knowledge when it considering how to make money in fitness. You can initially get into the industry at a low cost in many ways, which is perfect when starting out.

You can then look to diversify, perhaps into products and even a physical gym, or meet clients in person for personal training if you want to.

As I have trained and experienced elite sports, it's important to share some of those tips with beginners as they can also be applied to their training and racing. Small changes to what you eat, how you train, or how you approach things mentally can make a huge difference.

Networking and meeting other experts in the fitness industry are also very beneficial, and you can improve your sporting endowers that way. Remember, nowadays, you do not have to have your fitness studio to make money.


How do I turn my fitness into a career?

When considering how to make money in fitness you need to consider your qualifications - do you have experience with any of the above disciplines? Are you a certified instructor or personal trainer? Do you have a degree in nutrition, physical therapy, or some other related field? If so, this can help you get started.

You may also consider getting additional certifications and advanced training to enhance your knowledge and abilities. Many reputable organizations provide certification programs in various fitness areas, such as yoga, strength training, sports nutrition, and more.

Networking is critical - reach out to people in the industry, attend job fairs or career events related to fitness and health, and look online for available positions.

Finally, use social media to promote your skills and find more opportunities. Creating a website or blog about fitness topics is also a great way to showcase your knowledge and connect with potential employers. With hard work, dedication, and the right strategy, you can make your passion for fitness into a rewarding career.

Is owning a gym a good business?

Owning a gym can be profitable, provided certain conditions are met. The health and fitness industry continues to grow steadily, with increased awareness and emphasis on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

However, much like any other enterprise, a gym's success depends on factors like location, quality of equipment and trainers, marketing strategies, and customer service.

It's also important to note that the initial investment can be substantial, and it might take some time before the business turns profitable. Therefore, while owning a gym has potential benefits, it does come with challenges, making it crucial for prospective owners to conduct thorough market research and feasibility studies.

If you are new and just considering getting into the industry, look at some of our other make-money-in fitness recommendations. There are plenty with a really low start-up cost to try.

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James is an elite distance runner and has also raced triathlon for a number of years. He has a certification in swimming coaching, and a passion to help all athletes succeed in finding a balance within sport and life.