What are people looking for in Online Fitness Classes? and How to Create One

Updated: August 18, 2023

August 18, 2023 in Money in fitness

An online fitness class can be a great idea to get your fitness online business out there.

You may already run a face-to-face class or be looking to move your class online to increase your reach and revenue.

Here we will look at what people seek in online fitness classes and how to create one yourself.

The great thing about online fitness classes is you can use them to create a series and then make a recurring revenue, this is something that is not possible with in-person classes. You could switch it up between live online and recorded classes.

What is an Online Fitness Class?

An online fitness class is a type of exercise program that you can take via an online video or audio platform.

Online fitness instructors or certified instructors will typically lead this class type and can cover topics like yoga, HIIT, strength training, cardio, stretching, Pilates, and more. Attendees get the same benefits of a gym workout from the comfort of their own home.

People are increasingly looking for online fitness classes that can help them get into or stay in shape without leaving their homes, generally, they want something easy to follow that will provide them with the results and fitness routine they are looking for.

Reasons you need to know what people are looking for in Online Classes

Finding out what people want in an online fitness class will allow you to tailor your class to that. This is the first step in the how-to guide. By knowing what people want, you can fill that demand.

There are several different classes you could create online, such as Yoga, Zumba, or Pilates. You'll then need to prepare your materials and ensure everything is in order before your class begins.

To find out what people are looking for on-demand, you could do several actions, such as

  • Join fitness social media groups and find out what people are talking about.
  • Find out what the most popular "sell-out" classes in gyms are.
  • Find out some of the newest trends in fitness or sports, which a fitness class can be tailored towards.

How to create an Online Fitness Class?

Creating your online fitness class can be a great way to help people get into shape and start living healthier lives. Whether you're an experienced personal trainer, fitness coach, or just getting started, building something that helps others reach their goals can be very rewarding.

Follow the below steps and you will be well on your way to creating an online fitness class.

Step 1 - Choose a Niche

Before you begin creating your online class, deciding what niche you'll be focusing on is essential. Will you focus on strength training, yoga, or various exercises?

Depending on the type of fitness class you want to create, there will likely be different tools and equipment that are needed.

Within this process, you need to make sure you do some research and find out what people want. Remember that online fitness classes are not about what you want to teach. You need to make sure there is sufficient demand for your classes online.

Ways of doing this research could be by joining specific sports networks. For example, a squash group may have needs for a specific class type that is tailored to their sport.

Step 2 - Create Your Workout Plan

Once you have chosen your niche, it's time to create a workout plan. Think about the types of exercises you'll be doing and how long each session should last. It's crucial to design a comprehensive program tailored to your participants' needs.

Remember to test the class a few times. You could do this with friends and family or ask a fitness studio if they wouldn't mind if you taught a class. You may decide to do this for free, as the feedback you get could help you design your workout plan.

Step 3 - Choose an Online Platform

There are many platforms to choose from for hosting your online fitness class. Consider each platform's features and decide which is best suited for your needs.

Some important features include video streaming, private messaging, payment processing, and scheduling.

Step 4 - Record an Introduction Video

Create a short introduction video where you explain what participants can expect your online fitness classes to offer.

This is a great way to introduce yourself and build trust with your participants. Explain how the class will be structured, what equipment they'll need, and any other important information.

Step 5 - Promote Your Class

Once you have everything set up, it's time to start promoting your fitness class!

Use social media to share information about your class and reach out to potential participants.

You could also use email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase your visibility online. You may also decide to create other forms of content. For example, you could upload free content giving your class samples on Youtube.

Step 6 - Monitor Progress

Don't forget to monitor the progress of your participants over time. This can help you make any necessary adjustments to the program if needed and identify which areas people are struggling with.

 You can ensure your participants get the most out of their fitness journey with the correct feedback.

Step 7 - Develop the Program

If the program was successful, you could then add further classes or variations of the class you taught. You may decide to cater to a broader audience by having different levels of the class, for example, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Key Considerations For Successfully creating an Online Fitness Class

Remember, it's essential to realize that having an audience for an online fitness business is the key to its success. It can take time to build this. If you already have a social media following or an outstanding online fitness solutions business, then this can help.

If not, you may want to consider a few other avenues to support the success and reach of your online fitness class, for example.

  • A fitness blog
  • A fitness youtube channel
  • A fitness social media account

These can help you gain more traction that you can direct to your new online fitness class here.

Taking it to the Next Level: How to go beyond what People are Looking for in an Online Fitness Class

You could perhaps arrange a focus group or reach out to a local gym and ask if you can partner up with them.

Or you could look to widen your skills. For example, skilled instructors are important in in-person classes. So, you could ask other quality trainers to feature in some of your videos with a following and pay them for their time or offer something in return. Doing this will widen your target audience and potentially create more clients for your fitness classes.

You could hold live classes online, in order to bring some participation from the attendees into it.

Alternatives to Online Fitness Classes

Remember, there are certainly alternatives to online fitness classes. You may decide to make money online in a different route by having a fitness Youtube channel, or you could choose to approach some gym owners and ask if you could teach a class there instead.

Or you could decide on another income route in the fitness industry, for example, setting up a fitness blog. Or rather than wanting to teach classes, you could stick to one-on-one personal training.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, casting your net wide is vital. You may think your specialist niche is small, but you may have a solid market elsewhere. This is the real benefit of creating an online fitness class.

Use networking frequently and utilize outstanding profiles you have on social media, this will all help your class, particularly at the start gain traction.

Once you have an audience you can really look to develop and extend, your fitness classes could turn into managing a team of fitness class providers or looking after a fitness calendar or class schedule for example, much like a gym manager would look after a studio of classes.


Why do people prefer Online Fitness?

Online fitness has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Not only is it convenient and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, but it can also be customized to fit individual needs.

Online fitness allows people to set their own goals and tailor their exercise routines according to their preferences and fitness levels - something that can be difficult to do with traditional workout classes.

Additionally, online fitness offers more flexibility than in-person classes, as users can access the content anytime and join virtual sessions wherever they are. However for the community feel and social aspect in-person classes are still popular in a large proportion of gyms and fitness studios.

How do I market my Online Fitness Classes?

Use keywords that will help people find your business when searching online. Look at the most popular terms related to fitness classes and incorporate them into your titles, descriptions, and messaging.

You can utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use these platforms to interact with customers, post updates about classes and promotions, and share helpful tips or advice related to fitness.

Write blog posts related to fitness topics that interest your target audience. This is a great way to create content that can help drive traffic to your website and build trust with potential customers.

How do I host an engaging virtual Fitness Class?

Hosting a successful virtual fitness class takes more than having a great workout routine. You need to create a safe, organized, and inviting atmosphere for your participants. Here are some tips on how to host an engaging virtual fitness class:

  • Make sure you introduce yourself properly at the beginning of each session. Give some detail on your background and experience. This will help create a sense of trust and connection with your participants.
  • Give clear instructions that are easy to understand. It's also important to provide visual cues, such as demonstrations or videos, when appropriate so everyone can keep up with the class and knows what they should be doing.
  • Provide options for different fitness levels and interests by offering multiple intensity levels or classes. This will ensure that everyone can participate in a fun and challenging way.
  • Encourage participation by asking questions or doing activities that involve the participants. This will help create an environment of engagement and collaboration.
  • Give positive reinforcement throughout the session, even if it's just a few words of encouragement.


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